Douglas Cemetery

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The survey of this Cemetery was taken in early Spring, 2000. Only a very few stones were standing. A quick probing of the soil produced a few more. Less than a half hour was spent there as I was unprepared for the scores of ticks that discovered my presence. A more thorough search should produce many more stones and names.

This cemetery is found north of Allendale off Route T. Go north from Allendale to where the East Fork of the Grand River crosses the highway. On the south side of the bridge, drive east through fields, etc., following the river for well over half a mile. Up a steep hill, and overlooking the river, is the cemetery.

Adams, James S. 1831-1855

Bowen, Samuel D. 1857-1862

Douglas, Abel M. d. 1871
Douglas, Rebecca Adams d. 1855

Miller, William 1834-1877
          Son of Benjamin Miller and Sarah Melotte.
          b. in OH d. 21 Jul 1877 in Allendale, Worth Co., MO of consumption
          Burial near Hass Bridge, by Odd Fellows Lodge/Douglas Cemetery, Smith Twp
          According to 1876 Special census, was married a 3rd time to a Sarah M. age 21-45
          Had another son, Charles C. Miller b: 1864 in Worth Co., MO.
Miller, Judah w/o Wm Miller 1837-1860
          Wm. Miller's 1st wife
Miller, Letticel 1852-1857
Miller, Infant Son 1859-1859 inf son of Wm and Judah
Miller, Eliza C. w/o Wm Miller 1842
          Eliza Caroline Lindsley/Linsley
          Wm. Miller's 2nd wife m. 1 Jan 1862 in Worth Co., MO
          b. Illinois d. Allendale, Worth Co., MO bet 1872-1876
Miller, Scott s/o Wm & E.C. Miller d. 1863
          b. 1862 in Worth Co., MO
Miller, Ira 1868-1870
          Alva I Miller b: 1868 in Worth Co., MO
Miller, Infant s/o Wm & E.C. Miller 1872-1872
          b. in Worth Co., MO
Miller, Mary J. 1873-1873
          b. in Worth Co., MO


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