The cemetery was established in the extreme SE corner of the NW Quarter of the NW Quarter of Section 26, Twp 65N, Range 30W.   It was 3/4 mile north of Allendale and 1 1/4 miles east.   According to plat maps, it contained 2/10 of one acre.


William L. Neal began selling his land in Lawrence Co., OH, on 28 Feb 1851.   A second sale was on 8 Oct 1852, and a third on 19 Dec 1860.   The last one, possibly both, were probably by someone in his stead, the last to a relative, Jeremiah Neal.

Sometime in 1852, probably during the spring months, William L. Neal came to Worth County, making permanent settlement on land just east and north of Allendale.   During 1853, 1854 and 1856 he purchased 240 acres in Smith Twp, the acreage comprising most of the NW quarter of section 26.   Purchases were made and paid for in person at the Plattsburg, MO land office.

He came at about the same time, and from the same county, as some of the Petrys.   Although he came to this county with a larger party, it is not likely he would have sold considerable holdings in Ohio and migrated here as a single father with 5, and possibly 7, children.   One could assume his wife accompanied him and either en-route, or just after arriving, his wife died.

In late 1852 or early 1853 he married Mary Elizabeth Kirk, daughter of William Jonathan Kirk, a neighbor.   She died in 1885, her youngest child being 13 years old.

At some time after her death he married a third time to Mrs. Elizabeth Armstrong, widow of Civil War veteran John Armstrong.   This appears in the 1890 special census under the name of Elizabeth Neal.   These could be the John and Elizabeth found in Shelby Co., IL in 1860.   He was 25, she was 27.   Children Nancy 9 and Molinda 1.


William L. Neal
    b. Oct. 11, 1818 Ohio (possibly Lawrence Co)
    d. June 14, 1896 northeast of Allendale, Worth Co., MO
m(1) Martha Harmon Sept. 26, 1838 Lawrence Co., OH
    b. 1817-1818 in VA
    d. 1851-53 probably in Worth Co., MO
m(2) Mary Elizabeth Kirk 1853 in Worth Co., MO
    b. 1825 East TN
    d. June 10, 1885 Allendale, Worth County, MO Bur. Kirk
m(3) Mrs. Elizabeth J. Armstrong in Worth Co., MO
    b May 1829 IL
    d. 8 Dec 1902 near Allendale bur Lotts Grove

CHILDREN [spouses]

By Martha Harmon
  • 1. Sarah (Sally) Neal [Benjamin Rush] b: ABT 1839 in Ohio
  • 2. Thomas Neal b: 23 MAY 1841 in Lawrence Co. Ohio
                     35th Regiment Infantry Volunteers (MO Volunteers) Co. G
                     d. 16 apr 1863 of disease at Helena, AR.
                     bur. Mississippi River National Cemetery, Memphis, TN
  • 3. Louisa (Eliza) Neal [Isaac Adams 1865] b: 24 OCT 1843 in Lawrence Co. Ohio
  • 4. Mary Ann (Nancy) Neal [Thos Harmon 1873] b: 31 JAN 1846 in Lawrence Co. Ohio
  • 5. Elizabeth Neal [Spencer Conn 1868] b: 15 APR 1847 in Lawrence Co. Ohio
  • 6. George Neal b: 6 JAN 1849 in Lawrence Co. Ohio
  • 7. Andrew Neal b: 1 APR 1851
  • By Mary Elizabeth Kirk
  • 1. William Jonathan Neal [Lutitia Sharp 1880] b: 20 FEB 1854 in Worth Co., Mo
  • 2. Martha Neal [James Petry 1877] b: SEP 1855 in Allendale, Worth County, MO
  • 3. James Neal [Mary E. Legore] b: 10 FEB 1857
  • 4. Cyrus Neal [Marian Scobey 1883] b: 7 OCT 1858
  • 5. Joab Neal b: 21 MAR 1860
  • 6. Henry Neal [Lee Chitwood 1884] b: 22 JAN 1862 in Allendale, Worth County, MO
  • 7. John Neal [Susan 1906-7 MT] b: 21 AUG 1863 moved to Montana
  • 8. Nancy J. Neal [Wm Monday 1881] b: 14 JAN 1866 in Worth County, MO
  • 9. Malissa Neal [Albert Maudlin] b: 2 MAR 1868 in Worth County, MO
  • 10. Nellie May Neal [Hiram Pinkerton] b: 30 SEP 1869 in Allendale, Worth County, MO
  • [gap?]
  • 11. Clara Belle Neal [Richard Rice-Peter Combs-George Allen]
                     b: 16 FEB 1872 in Allendale, Worth Co., MO


    There is a Martha Neal buried in Mamre Cemetery, Lawrence Township, Lawrence County, OH.   Dates not found.   William's family last lived in this township before moving to Missouri.

    A Martha H. Neal is buried in Aid Cemetery, Aid Township, Lawrence County, OH.   Dates unknown.  This township adjoins Lawrence Township on the north.

    Our Martha Harmon died between 1851-1853, most likely after arrival in MO around 1852.   Probably buried on the home place.

    In 1880 Elizabeth Armstrong was listed as:
          Elizabeth Armstrong, 52, a widow with 3 in the home...
          States she is the mother of 8 with 3 living.
          Elias 19 IL
          Mary E. 14 IL
          Alfred L. 15 (b. May 1866 IL d. December 1945 in Worth Co., MO)
          "Lafe" is buried at Lotts Grove (1866-1945)

    In 1900 she is listed again as a widow: Elizabeth J. Neal, 71 (b. may 1829).   She has Alfred L. Armstrong, her son, living with her.


    Any number of unknown locals could be buried there as 'titled' burying grounds were not established in the area for several years.   Until such time, the dead were either interred on the home property, or provided a plot in a neighbor's private cemetery.   In addition to the above, the following Neal family members are potentials.
    * Martha Harmon d. between 1851-1853, probably in Worth Co.
    * George Neal b: 6 JAN 1849 [missing in 1860/1870 census]
    * Andrew Neal b: 1 APR 1851 [missing in 1860/1870 census]
    * Joab Neal b: 21 MAR 1860 [in 1860 but not 1870]
    * There is a 2 and 1/2 year gap between John and Nancy 1863-66, a possible indication...

    At any rate, William Neal was sufficiently concerned about burials that he deeded a small part of his land for that purpose.   The burials in it would probably have ceased in the late 1860s when other, more accessible, burying grounds became available.


    A daughter of William L. Neal, Melissa, married Albert Maudlin and acquired the property upon her father's death.   At some point, years later, Charly Maudlin (Albert and Melissa's boy) had the cemetery destroyed.   The irony of it is that he was most likely desecrating the burials of his OWN family.   This is from Pansy Rinehart's book, 'Heart of the Nation':
    "Charlie Maudlin had 'Woody' Maudlin bulldoze under several stones.   He took Herbert Neal there. I found deed to the tract (never sold)."

    It is uncertain when this took place.   Charley Maudlin died in 1981.